visual artist
& designer
Roxana Kenjeeva

Oranges and Tangerines (2019 - 2021)

An on-going appreciation of oranges and such.

When I was about 5 years old, my great-grandma called me into her room as she had ‘a little surprise’ for me. All excited and as I later realised shamefully spoiled, I had very high expectations only to discover that what she had saved for me was a tangerine. I couldn’t help myself and I busted in tears from the disappointment. We had tangerines of our own at home already. Little did I know how precious they could have been during the Soviet times.

Both Eggs (2020)

A sequence of 10-sec audiovisual loops whose conception is a response to the previous loop. This is an experimental interaction of sound and moving image of the same duration being produced separately and combined together at the very end.

Audio: Jack Waghorn

See the progress at @botheggs

Загадки Эмили (2020)

These are the illustrations to the bilingual edition of Emily Dickinson’s poems translated into Russian for the first time. To embrace the harmony and the liveliness of the flora that inspired Emily, I have included the authentic dry flowers from Emily’s personal herbarium accessible at the Harvard Library Archives. In addition to that, you can also spot little ink drawings by Katia Margolis scattered on the pages, that add character to the illustrations.


A trilogy that reflects on the feeling of/at home, on the idea of ​​belonging or not to a place and on metaphorical liminality being the consequence of immigration.

Concerned with memories, places and identity this project pursuits the notions of home and displacement in contemporary migration. The three outcomes represent the different stages of experiencing home: the moving image projects a fluctuating memory from childhood, the publication suggests a tangible reality of movements and the series of collages illustrates an imaginative and almost utopian destination. Meditating on the experience of being ‘in-between’ places and cultures, this project raises questions on the fragility of belonging.

Moméalú (2018)

Momentary Éalú [Irish for escape] is a project for the dissemination of unorganised systemic thoughts in disparate locations.

Originally created as a temporary escape from reality, Moméalú is an imaginary art and design studio formed by four viscom students during their final year. This project was based on the necessity of a get-away from conventional rules of design and general expectations of this profession. Playing around with the variety of languages spoken in the group and very different style orientations Moméalú is an integrative space for spontaneity and improvisation.

See the progress at @mom.ealu

Irreversible (2018)

An almost imperceptible glance into the fragile walk of the mental state towards suicide.

A collaboration between students of National College of Art and Design and Royal Irish Academy of Music. 

Music by: Sebastian Adams and Jonathan Nangle.

Pantone of the Sky (2017)

A eulogy of the unrepeatable transience of light and the color of the sky.

While Pantone has its material reference in terms of percentage of pigment or wave spectrum, our colour perception remains deeply personal and emotional. The colour of the sky is something we are not able to condense merely into a pixel or a code. This is a series of images of the sky, the colour of which is given by the unique and unrepeatable combination of time and space. However, this moment's truest colour of the sky is the one you can glimpse through the last of these frames.

Roots (2016)

An overlap of maps that creates a picture of intersections and parallels, representing an internal confusion brought by displacement.

The places we live in become important stops on our personal map. However, because of continuous movements between one country and another, I no longer have a fixed point to which I completely belong. I have therefore developed my own map, composed of Moscow metro lines, the Venetian vaporetto network and Prague’s tram system. The three intersect at the point of the stops where I live in each of these cities.

Home is more than just a point on a map: it is a landmark in our inner landscape. Like the blood in my veins, like the roots of my existence.